1.CLEANER official NO: 230421/33
Branch: NWRI Northern Operations

CENTRE : Levubu

REQUIREMENTS : associate degree assist certificate. information of cleanup principles. information of chemical
use (dilution / mix). information of cleanup instrumentation to be used. Knowledge
of health and safety necessities. information of basic record keeping. Basic
understanding of applying safety rules. Basic understanding of applying or
using chemicals properly. sensible communication social relations.
Cleaning expertise are a plus.
DUTIES : the supply of cleanup services. Keep and maintain cleanup materials and
equipment. Dusting, waxing, sweeping, scouring and vacuuming of floors and
doors. evacuation and cleanup dirty bins. aggregation and removing of waste
paper. Freshening workplace areas. Clean the overall room basins wash and
keep stock of room utensils. Empty and wash waste bins. cleanup the
Departmental boardrooms. Report broken machines. Request cleanup
materials. Assist with alternative duties as and once needed.

APPLICATIONS : Levubu: Please email your application quoting the relevant reference variety
to transfer
FOR ATTENTION : mister S Murunzi

2.POST 12/69 : groundskeeper official NO: 230421/34 (X11 POSTS)
Branch: NWRI jap Operations

CENTRE : Craigieburn Dam (X3 Posts)
Hluhluwe Dam (X2 Posts)
(Goedertrouw Dam (X3 Posts)
Jozini Dam (X1 Post)
Klipfontein Dam (X1 Post)
Ntshingwayo Dam (X1 Post)

REQUIREMENTS : associate degree assist certificate. Zero (0) to 1 (1) year operating expertise. Knowledge
and experience of horticulture and appliances. information of pruning, trimming
and techniques processes. information of the chemical use (dilution mix)
chemical product. information of daily maintenance procedures for economical
machine/equipment performance. Basic information in supporting water
utilization and water resources strategy. information of health and safety
procedures. information of garden maintenance.

DUTIES : answerable for the dam maintenance. cleanup and maintain grounds
and repair tools and structure like buildings, fencing, mistreatment hand tools and
power tools. combining spray or unfold fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides onto
grass, shrubs and trees mistreatment hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders. Irrigate
plants and lawns. give correct maintenance of sideways, driveways, parking tons,
planters and alternative connected ground options. Maintain existing grounds/gardens
by caring sod, plants and trees. . Sweep parking tons, walkways, sashing floors and cleanup windows.
Assist with maintenance duties from time to time. Adhere to any or all OHS Acts.

APPLICATIONS : Please email your application quoting the relevant reference variety and
preferred centre to the topic line transfer FORMS HERE
NOTE : Preference are given to the community residing inside or around selected

closing 02 might 2021

An leader will terminate the contract of a Learnership if:
• The period laid out in the Learnership agreement has expired;
• The learner is fairly laid-off for a reason associated with the learner`s conduct or capability as associate degree worker.

Learnerships ar positive programmes that enhance the education and potential of our youth coming into the personnel. The Mindspa Institute assist corporations within the Learnership Programmes. The aim for this text was to teach corporations and learners on what this programme entails. Charlie & Kathy are ready to assist additional.


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