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I hereby apply for the [title as advertised] internship position that was listed through [source – newspaper or website (company website would be nice)]. I believe that my expertise, and qualifications in [relevant subjects you did at university] will make me a valuable asset to your organisation and I would appreciate your careful consideration of my credentials as presented in the copy of my attached CV.

As the CV indicates, here are the reasons why I believe I am the candidate you are searching for and how I will add value to [name of organisation] to achieve its [goals or Mission and Vision – you better know these before you go to the interview]:

• Reason 1 – some experience/achievement (but it must be relevant to field)

• Reason 2 – (something that reflects your abilities – like your academic performance)

• Reason 3 – (some skill you know – through your studies – better than anyone else)

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I am excited about the possibility of joining your organisation as an intern for the next [duration] months. I can be reached at [cell number] or [email address – have a nice email address preferably with your and surname]. I will follow up with an email message to confirm that you have received my application.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Full Name]. [Cell Number]

CV attached.


Writing a cover letter should be one of your main tasks when making your job application package. Your cover letter must explain which job you are applying for, why do you think you are the best person for that position

First, remember to put your address on the right side of the letter and the company’s address on the left.

Now you can construct your letter….👇👇

Date: 12 January 2014

Dear Sir/Madam

Application for Admin Clerk Job Position

I hereby apply for the Admin Clerk Position that was advertised on the 15th of February 2014. I believe that my experience and qualifications will make me a valuable asset to your organisation. Below are the reasons why I think I am the best candidate for this position.

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I believe I have relevant skills, qualifications and experience for the position I am applying for. I am able and capable of learning quickly and I will also contribute in making the company more successful. I have acquired knowledge about this job through trainings attended and that has been well indicated on my curriculum vitae.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at (081 000 0000) or email address:

I would appreciate if you alert me via email if you have received my application.

I am available for interview during working hours from Monday to Friday. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Dear SIR/Madam

Application for Human Resource Learnership/


I hereby which apply for the position that is available in your organization. I strongly believe that I would be of great assistance to your organization as I am a capable young and energetic person with unlimited knowledge always willing to learn, relevant and favorable qualities to perform the job competently and effectively.

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I am an ambitious, goal driven person who is intelligent and diligent, an ambitious and hardworking man/lady who loves challenges and wiling to learn new this every day. I am able and willing to work under pressure to deliver and achieve set goals. I have patience, a good team player as well as well as ability to build and maintain good working relationships.

I am good problem-solving and tackling problems head-on. Furthermore, I believe that my skills can play a vital role in your organization. In addition, I am certain that I can bring positive changes to your organization by coming up innovative ideas, only if I am given a chance to prove myself. As an extension of my inclination to analyze everything, I intend to analyze my actions as well.

I have enclosed my curriculum vitae and I am willing to provide any necessary documents that maybe needed. Should you wish to interview me, I am available at your convenience.

I hope that this motivational letter will find a considerable attention that will result into a positive response.

Yours sincerely

[Name: Surname]

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